ASETSD-Advances in Science, Engineering & Technology for Sustainable Development (ASETSD)

A special issue on Advances in Science, Engineering & Technology for Sustainable Development (ASETSD) covering the chemical sciences, chemical biology, chemical engineering, green synthesis, biomass derived chemicals, nanotechnology, chemical sensors, photochemical reactions, green fuels, natural products, environmental chemistry, Biomedical Technology, and Mathematical Modeling and Computational Techniques towards advances & sustainability.

Energy Materials – Special issue on New Research Advances in Energy Materials – Functional, Nano and Green Materials

A special issue covering the recent advances in field of Energy – Renewable and Non-renewable energy resources advances including development of smart and functional materials for development of new energy resources as well as advancement of existing energy resources

Organocatalysis – recent advances in organocatalysts chemistry – special issue

Organocatalysis special issue

The catalysts chemistry has a new arena to explore, the Organocatalysis which was recognized with the award of Noble Prize 2021 in Chemistry to Prof. Benzamin List and Prof. David MacMilan. The noble laureates in 2000, independent of each other, has brought the life to the chemistry of new type of catalysis known as asymmetric … Read more

Journal of Molecular Chemistry

Journal of Molecular Chemistry is an ideal home for Chemistry research advances in Organic Chemistry, Catalysis, Polymer Chemistry, Medicinal Chemistry, Materials Chemistry, Green Chemistry, Environmental Chemistry and Applied Chemistry.