Medicinal Chemistry journal

The medicinal chemistry, the chemistry of drugs and pharmaceuticals, is the leading field of research in chemistry. The synthesis of new organic molecules and inorganic compositions lead the development of new chemistry research for human health. The development of new therapeutics, diagnostics and theranostics is the leading and interesting research field in chemistry.

The journal specifically meant for publication of Medicinal Chemistry research articles is ‘Journal of Molecular Chemistry’ – Medicinal Chemistry section. The journal publishes short communications (letters), research articles (full length), review (and mini-review) articles and synthetic protocols.

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Molecular chemistry journal

Journal of Molecular Chemistry

Medicinal Chemistry

Research articles, review articles and short communications from Medicinal Chemistry research.

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Organic Chemistry

Organic Chemistry articles (Letters, Research Articles, Review articles) related to synthetic methodologies and synthesis of new organic compounds.

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Methods & Protocols

The articles for complete re-synthetic methods evaluation (process chemistry, specific compound synthesis with complete details of experimental procedure settings and observations).

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Journal of Molecular Chemistry

Journal of Molecular Chemistry is an ideal home for Chemistry research advances in Organic Chemistry, Catalysis, Polymer Chemistry, Medicinal Chemistry, Materials Chemistry, Green Chemistry, Environmental Chemistry and Applied Chemistry.

The Journal of Molecular Chemistry is a peer reviewed international journal at the heart of chemistry, meant to cover research at all stages from molecule design, synthesis to applications. The journal publishes research in chemistry at molecular level to applications in biological or physical/materials field. It covers the Organic Chemistry, synthetic organic chemistry, catalysis, new methodologies, natural product synthesis, new reaction pathways, peptide synthesis, small molecule synthesis, Chemistry research, chemical technology and other allied areas covering advances in chemistry and exploration of molecular applications in biology, medicine, polymer, materials and environment.

Journal of Molecular Chemistry

The journal publishes full length research articles, review article, tutorial articles, expert opinions from all field of organic chemistry and allied chemistry research including Synthetic Organic Chemistry, Catalysis, Medicinal Chemistry, Materials Chemistry, Heterocyclic Chemistry, Macrocyclic chemistry, Polymer Chemistry, NanoChemistry, Chemical Engineering and all other research advances related to new chemistry development. The chemistry research fraternity is invited to submit their next excellent article on journal site

Author guidelines and article templates are provided on the journal site.