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The medicinal chemistry, the chemistry of drugs and pharmaceuticals, is the leading field of research in chemistry. The synthesis of new organic molecules and inorganic compositions lead the development of new chemistry research for human health. The development of new therapeutics, diagnostics and theranostics is the leading and interesting research field in chemistry.

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Immunoendocrine regulation of energy homeostasis and male reproduction

Male reproduction and its intricate neuroimmunoendocrine regulations open a wide scope of scientific interventions. Male infertility, being responsible for about half of the overall global infertility cases, represents a complex pathophysiological mechanism. Crosstalk among the endogenous immune and endocrine mediators may affect male gonadal functions. Since male reproduction is fine-tuned by orchestrated regulation of reproductive hormones and immune regulators, a better understanding of these chemical regulations will potentiate further research in this direction.

This issue aims to summarize the current knowledge on the hormonal and immunological regulations of male reproductive functions in physiological and pathophysiological conditions of male reproduction.

Potential topics include but are not limited to the following:

  • Energy homeostasis  and male reproduction
  • Immunoendocrine regulation of male reproductive functions
  • Adipokines and energy metabolism in male fertility
  • Obesity and male infertility: energy imbalance to inflammation
  • Endocrine regulation of epigenetics of reproductive tract inflammation
  • Altered energy metabolism and immune regulation in aged men
Submission Deadline30th June 2021 15th July 2021
Publication Date1st Sept 2021

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Guest Editors:

Pallav Sengupta, PhD
Department of Physiology
Faculty of Medicine & Biomedical Sciences
MAHSA University
Sulagna Dutta, PhD
Department of Physiology
Faculty of Dentistry
MAHSA University


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