Organocatalysis – recent advances in organocatalysts chemistry – special issue

The catalysts chemistry has a new arena to explore, the Organocatalysis which was recognized with the award of Noble Prize 2021 in Chemistry to Prof. Benzamin List and Prof. David MacMilan. The noble laureates in 2000, independent of each other, has brought the life to the chemistry of new type of catalysis known as asymmetric organocatalysis (this is new addition to catalysts science that mainly had metal catalysts and enzymes in the category). The organocatalysis make use of ‘small organic molecules’ to synthesize diversity of organic molecules.

A number of different organic molecules has been explored as catalysts for synthesis of different type of organic molecules/compounds. This special issue is meant to cover recent advances in field of catalysis – organocatalysis.

Articles are invited from researchers for selective compilation of work in organocatalysis. The work dealing with comparative outcomes of metal catalysts and organocatalysts will also be considered in this special issue.

Issue Editor

Dr. B.S. Chhikara
University of Delhi

Co-Guest editor : Space open. Interested scholar may collaborate with Guest Editor (write to him).

The dates

Submission : Open now
Last date: 23-Feb-2024
Issue compilation: April 2024

Submission are open now and can be submitted till last date, any time now onwards.


The special issue considers – Review articles, Research Articles, Short communications, Academic Notes, and also the editorial articles (from senior professors/scientists/expert in field).

Manuscript prepared as per author guidelines should be submitted online on the journal site for processing. In cover letter mention that submission is for special issue.

Participating Journal

Journal of Molecular Chemistry

Molecular Chemistry in Drug Design and Development -special issue

Amidst the recent pandemic, there has been a lot of talk about the role of chemistry in handling the outbreak. A sudden surge of information on various aspects of Molecular chemistry in drug design and development for various infectious diseases has ignited curiosity and awareness among the common people about the role and scope of molecular chemistry.

The Amity Institute of Click Chemistry Research and Studies, Amity University, Noida ( hosted a 2-day International Conference on “Role of Molecular Chemistry in Drug Design and Development” with aim towards a global collaboration between scientists, research scholars and students working on various aspects of Chemistry and drug design and discovery from different research organizations, medical institutions, NGOs, and reputed Universities, to share their ideas and discuss the solutions. The selected full-length articles from speakers, participants and other scholars will be published in special thematic issue.

This special issue is meant to cover the various aspects of emerging infectious diseases, problems, and molecular chemistry approaches as a type of solutions to deal with possible diseases of future. It will bring together the knowledge of the paradigms of designing and development of medicines according to the current infectious diseases and the recent researches related to this area. It also aims to explore the role of new molecules or new role of available molecules or drugs and the challenges in drug development against the infectious agents. The special issue will include articles on recent therapeutic and diagnostic tools in tackling infections, developments and challenges in Molecular drug design, In-silico Methods for Drug Design and Discovery, importance of Click Chemistry for medicine, Computer-Aided Drug Design, vaccine and immunity, Advance synthesis in drug discovery as well as Chemistry-Biology interface with emphasis on most recent research findings.

Themes of special issue

  • Role of Molecular Chemistry in Drug development
  • Importance of Click Chemistry for medicine
  •  Molecular drug design
  • In-silico Methods for Drug Design and Discovery
  • Molecular Chemistry and Computer-Aided Drug Design
  • Advance synthesis in drug discovery and development
  • Chemistry-Biology interface


Dr. Vivek Mishra
Assistant Professor,
Amity Institute of Click Chemistry Research and Studies,
Amity University, Noida

Dr. Monalisa Mukherjee
Professor and HoI
Amity Institute of Click Chemistry Research and Studies,
Amity University, Noida

Date Schedule

Article submission: open (Open for all)
Issue Completion : ASAP (Continuous)


Authors need to submit their article on journal site for preliminary evaluation and peer-reviewing.

Participating Journals

Journal of Molecular Chemistry