Unveiling the secrets using bioorthogonal chemistry to explore the impact of adipokines on male reproduction and infertility


  • Sulagna Dutta Manipal Academy of Higher Education (MAHE)
  • Pallav Sengupta Gulf Medical University


adipokines, biorthogonal chemistry, male infertility, obesity


Adipocytes secrete bioactive peptides known as adipokines, which have diverse physiological functions related to metabolic homeostasis, inflammation, and energy regulation. However, the precise involvement of adipokines in the intricate processes of male reproductive function is not well understood. This review article provides a comprehensive overview of recent advancements in the field of bioorthogonal chemistry, a powerful set of techniques used to study the intricate signaling mechanisms underlying the effects of adipokines on male reproductive health and infertility. By employing advanced bioorthogonal chemistry methods, researchers have started to unravel the hidden molecular interactions between adipokines and reproductive tissues. Through the use of bioorthogonal probes such as clickable small molecules, metabolic labeling, and genetically encoded unnatural amino acids, scientists have gained unprecedented insight into the spatial and temporal dynamics of adipokine signaling within the male reproductive system. The review emphasizes important studies that have elucidated the impact of adipokines on crucial processes in male reproduction, including spermatogenesis, sperm quality, hormone production, and testicular function. Furthermore, it explores the emerging role of adipokines in male infertility, providing insights into potential therapeutic strategies for addressing reproductive dysfunction associated with adiposity-related disorders. Overall, this review highlights the pivotal role of bioorthogonal chemistry in uncovering the intricate molecular mechanisms through which adipokines exert their influence on male reproductive physiology and pathology. The combination of bioorthogonal chemistry and adipokine research holds great promise for unraveling the mysteries of male reproduction, thus opening up new avenues for diagnosing and treating male infertility associated with adiposity-related disturbances.


Author Biographies

  • Sulagna Dutta, Manipal Academy of Higher Education (MAHE)

    School of Life Sciences

  • Pallav Sengupta, Gulf Medical University

    Department of Biomedical Sciences

bioorthogonal chemistry of adipose in reproduction






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