A multi indexed performance assessment function to facilitate efficient installation of Renewable Energy resource

Renewable energy resources analysis


  • Priyanka Maheshwari RKDF University
  • Sanjay Jain RKDF University


Renewable Energy Resources, Performance Parameters, Distributed Generator, Inapt locations, Load, Load balancing


Investigating the exact location and design parameters of distributed Renewable Energy Sources (RERs) before actual installation is an important step in Renewable Energy Resource (RER) installation planning. Many RER installation methods are available in the literature, but most of them focus only on investigation of optimal installation location. Very few define bus types for inappropriate locations or RER installations which may degrade system performance. To bridge the gap between available approaches and activities, this method describes a novel Multi-Index Performance Assessment (MIPAF) function which provides unique feature of revelling information about apt as well as inapt locations both for RER installation for installing RER in transmission and distribution systems. It is observed that a thorough study of the impact of these often-underestimated RER or DG installations can improve the system's ability to enhance load expansion without a network overhaul. This would provide a tool to reduce the efforts of researchers in this field to find suitable nodes on large networks by reducing the size of candidate locations.



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Author Biographies

  • Priyanka Maheshwari, RKDF University

    Electrical Engineering Department

  • Sanjay Jain, RKDF University

    Electrical Engineering  Department








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Maheshwari, P., & Jain, S. (2023). A multi indexed performance assessment function to facilitate efficient installation of Renewable Energy resource. Journal of Integrated Science and Technology, 12(2), 744. https://pubs.thesciencein.org/journal/index.php/jist/article/view/a744

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