Article Processing Charges

Open Access Policy

Open Access Policy and Article Processing Charges

The journal is completely open access journal, publishes all of its articles with 'Gold Open' access.

Licence: The articles are published with Creative Commons Licence 4.0 - Non-derivative - Non-Commercial (CC4 - NC-ND).
Under this licence, the copyright for the contents are retained by the authors. Authors and readers/users are allowed unrestricted use of the contents for academic-research activities and for any other non-commercial use (NC - no commercial use allowed). The right for re-distribution of contents remain with Publisher. 

Gold Open Access

In gold open access, the contents/articles are published with the author supported open access. Authors need to pay the neccessary article processing charges for open access of their article.


Following are the article processing/open access charges

USD :  740 only

(for Scholars from India and third world countries, the APC is USD 250 (equivalent in respective currency on date of billing)

The APC are processed through Paypal (for international payments) or through UPI (for payment in Indian rupee).

Authors will have to pay the APC before publication of their article. Submission of an article to this journal on the presumed consent of author/s to pay the required APC. The reviewers discount and any other publishing discount token can be claimed at the time of billing by writing to editorial office.

APC may be revised biannually (June and Dec).