Distributed generation optimization with HOMER software and fuzzy logic control

Solar and Wind energy management using Homer software


  • Varsha Mehar RKDF UNIVERSITY
  • Sanjay Jain RKDF University Bhopal


Distributed generation, Fuzzy network, HOMER software, Wind Energy, Solar Energy, Renewable Energy


The HOMER software is described in this article in order to provide the efficient distributed generation configurations. This is based on nature of the area and its renewable energy availability. It enables the consideration of a wide range of technological alternatives in order to contribute for energy accessibility. It's a powerful tool for simulating both traditional and sustainable energy techniques. Furthermore, in distributed generation electric networks, a fuzzy-based strategy has been suggested to choose the most suitable power source and ascribe it to the appropriate load. Fuzzy Logic Control (FLC) is an effective approach to resolve complex problems using few algebraic calculations. In general, distributed generation includes network non-renewable energy sources (NRES) such as fossil as well as gas power plants along with conventional energy sources (CES) such as solar cells, fuel cells and wind generators that can operate in stand-alone mode or in grid-connection. Moreover, sustainable energy distributed generation has grown rapidly as large central power plants have become financially in-viable in many provinces because of substantial decreases in fossil fuels, rising fuel costs, the global energy crunch, and the emergence of environment degradation problems. Nevertheless, the integration of distributed generation into conventional electric networks has influence on their consistency, safeness, and power feature. As a result, inoculation of distributed generation necessitates the use of adequate controllers in order to preserve system stability and performance.



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Author Biographies

  • Varsha Mehar, RKDF UNIVERSITY

    Electrical Engineering Department

  • Sanjay Jain, RKDF University Bhopal

    Electrical Engineering Department








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