The Integrated SDL-based design approach to create and implement wireless communication protocol

SDL-based communication protocols


  • Mhamane Sanjeev Chandrashekhar Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam University
  • Amol Kumbhare Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam University


Wireless Network, Model-based design, protocol engineering, Carrier Sense Multiple Access CSMA, Specification and Description Language SDL, network protocol, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, IoTs, Embeded system


Wireless sensor networks (WSN) and personal area networks (WPAN) are being increasingly used in data transfer or communication protocols. The High-end embedded systems sometimes contain a VME (Virtual Memory Environment) backplane or a comparable arrangement. The media access protocol of a local area network (LAN) arbitrates (selects the subsequent transmitter for) access to the shared network medium (typically a wire, fiber, or radio frequency). SDL (Specification and Description Language) is growing popular for the use in creation of communication protocols. In this study, the particular difficulties in networking real-time embedded devices have been discussed with details about a few protocols that show different methods for accessing the shared material. Connection-Oriented Protocols, Polling, Time Division Multiple Access (TDMA), Token Ring, Token Bus, Binary Countdown, and Token Bus are among the protocols addressed. In terms of validation and definition, Carrier Sense Multiple Access with Collision Avoidance (CSMA/CA) and SDLs are identical. The study has examined each of these protocols’ benefits and drawbacks in light of the various criteria. Users can choose a protocol that suits demands with the help of the protocol tradeoff chart. One of the most flexible protocols for embedded systems is CSMA/CA, although only one protocol may be suitable for a given application.


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Amol Kumbhare, Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam University

Electronics and Communication Engineering




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