Smart internet of things (IoT) based healthcare framework environment for Chikungunya disease diagnosis

IoT in healthcare


  • Chandan Kumar Roy RKDF University Bhopal
  • Ritesh Sadiwala RKDF University Bhopal



Patient Diagnosis Result (PDR),, Cloud Computing,, Smart Healthcare, Internet of Things (IoT), FOG computing model, Location sensor, Environmental sensor, Meteorological sensor


This paper reports a Fog-based health monitoring systems framework to enable the real-time tracking and analysis of users' health data and associated events. This framework encompasses a broad spectrum, including medical, environmental, meteorological, and location-based information, with the overarching goal of addressing the escalating threat posed by different pathogens, mainly the rapidly spreading chikungunya virus (CHV) worldwide. The chikungunya virus, transmitted by Aedes aegypti and Aedes albopictis mosquitoes, raises significant public health concerns. The paper outlines three potential modes of virus transmission: 1) infection from infectious female mosquitoes, 2) transmission to healthy female mosquitoes from infected individuals, and 3) contagious female mosquitoes laying infectious eggs. In response to the challenges in identifying and preventing chikungunya virus outbreaks, the paper introduces strategic measures. Key objectives include establishing a Fog-based system that leverages user health symptoms and environmental factors for remote CHV diagnosis, delivering instant diagnostic and emergency notifications to users for timely responses, computing metrics from Social Network Analysis (SNA) graphs to depict virus contraction or transmission likelihood, generating warning messages for government and medical organizations to contain outbreaks, and safeguarding users' sensitive information against unauthorized access. In essence, the designed Fog-based health monitoring approaches seek to achieve comprehensive real-time monitoring and analysis, providing a systematic framework for CHV diagnosis, notification, and containment.



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Author Biographies

  • Chandan Kumar Roy, RKDF University Bhopal

    Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering

  • Ritesh Sadiwala, RKDF University Bhopal

    Bhabha College of Engineering
    Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering








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Roy, C. K., & Sadiwala, R. (2023). Smart internet of things (IoT) based healthcare framework environment for Chikungunya disease diagnosis. Journal of Integrated Science and Technology, 12(4), 779.

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