Trust based secured Routing System for low power networks

IoT network security


  • Anup W. Burange Prof. Ram Meghe Institute of Technology & Research
  • Vaishali M Deshmukh Prof. Ram Meghe Institute of Technology & Research


Trust framework, Rank attack, Wormhole attack, Sybil Attack, IoT devices , security, IoT, routing security , cryptography, Routing Protocol, Low Power Lossy Networks, Blackhole attack, Sinkhole attack


The number of internet-connected IoT devices is increasing at a rapid speed. Because of this exponential growth, there are now some serious security concerns and challenges. As most of these devices are part of our daily activities, they contain personal private data which is getting transferred to some other location. When many IoT devices are in a network, they transfer the data on a hop-by-hop basis, which raises concerns about the routing security and trustworthiness of other IoT devices on which they are dependent for transferring their data. The goal of this study is to develop a safe environment for routing with the help of a trust analysis of each node participating in the network. Routing nodes are prone to some routing attacks like the Rank attack, wormhole attack, and Sybil attack. In this study, a lightweight trust-based system has been developed to detect and remove these attacks. The proposed model consists an accuracy of 98%. Moreover, proposed model is compared with earlier studies, proposed model’s performance stands remarkable.





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