Automation in the Test Rig to determine the Load-Deflection characteristics of Helical Spring Washers

washer load deflection automation


  • Amit D. Desale Savitribai Phule University
  • Girish R. Desale CSIR-National Chemical Laboratory


Automation, Test-rig, Helical spring lock washer, Stepper motor, Arduino


In the mechanical system the induced vibrations and dynamic conditions are responsible for loosening the components in nut-bolted assembly. The washer plays a vital character in nut-bolted linkages and prevents the loosening of components. The selection of size and type of washer mainly depends on the size of nut and bolt, frequency and amplitude of vibrations induced in the structure. Many investigators have tried to design and manufacture a test-rig to study the load-deflection properties of spring washers. In the present investigation efforts have been made to design and develop an automated test-rig that can determine the load-deflection characteristics of spring washers. The stepwise and manual operation of the old test-rig is converted into continuous and gradual movement. The main controller used is Arduino Mega 2560 board which controls the stepper motor and display of load for corresponding deflection on monitor of Arduino IDE software. The load-deflection properties obtained from manual test-rig and newly developed automated test-rig are similar in nature. The use of stepper motor and Arduino programing provides the freedom to obtain a very small step size for deflection which helps to obtain smooth curves in load-deflection diagram without any manual error. The time required to obtain the load and deflection values on the serial monitor of an Arduino IDE software is not affected by the decreasing the step size.


Author Biographies

Amit D. Desale, Savitribai Phule University

M.M. College of Engineering, Pune

Girish R. Desale, CSIR-National Chemical Laboratory

Dr. Homi Bhabha Road, Pune




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