New Drug Delivery Review Article 2022, 2023

The drug delivery is an important factor now in rationalization of any new or existing drug towards specific ailment, the most prominently against the cancer where drug delivery systems have been extensively explored. The new advancement in drug delivery using different nano-particular systems viz. metal nanoparticles, liposomes, dendrimers, lipids, carbon nanomaterials, niosomes, phytosomes, virus, and other systems are moving towards the precision drug delivery.

All different aspects towards a precise drug delivery have been discussed in a recent review article that has been published in the ‘Applied NanoMedicine’. Readers can access the article PDF at:

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Current status review of HIV AIDS 2022 infection and Drug cure available

HIV infection has seen four decade and human / researchers have been struggling to find a complete cure for the HIV infection. From first identification of infection responsible for immunodeficiency related symptoms in June 1981 to increase in the spread of HIV infection throughout the world, the 2022 HIV infection marks the completion of existence of its infection of four decades in year 2022.

Though there have been continuous efforts in development of suitable cure for HIV infection and many drugs have been made available to control the infection; however, majority of drugs available have been developed towards reducing the HIV infection (preventing from reaching to stage of AIDS). All short of methods and drugs including chemical drugs, herbal formulations, biological technologies (cell based therapies and RNA/sDNA based) and nanotechnological concepts and devices have been adopted to find out the complete cure for this infection. There is need to look into the details what has been achieved so far and what is needed, particularly for the hidden reservoirs of HIV targeting.

Here is a review published in Applied NanoMedicine journal that give complete details of progress of therapeutics for HIV AIDS development. The review can be read from following link:

Nanotherapeutics and HIV: Four decades of infection canvass the quest for drug development using nanomedical technologies

(Article PDF is available for free to download and read for benefit of research community and readers).

Article is published in

Applied NanoMedicine

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