Open Access Policy

The ScienceIn publishes high quality contents and encouragingly support the availability of contents through open access towards the greater cause of research development.

The contents published are provided through following Open Access or Free Access:

University Academic Institute Library supported

Read and Publish Policy: The ScienceIn have a strong view that research publishing via Open Access or Free Access should be supported by Universities and Academic Institute Libraries through the membership for ‘Read and Publish’. Institutes and libraries willing to support the open access publishing of contents are encouraged to join the ‘Read and Publish’ membership/subscription where all the contents from respective journal will be available for ‘reading’ (contents access) to all scholars from member institute/university as well as any article being published by the scholars/researchers from member institute/university in respective journal will be published with complete open access (no fee to authors). In line with that, The ScienceIn provide all contents, articles with free open access (Creative Commons 4 license) to all researchers throughout world for the contents, articles published by the authors (corresponding / first author) belonging to the university, institute where the ‘Read and Publish’ membership/subscription for respective journal is active.

Librarians: Librarians are encouraged to join the the The ScienceIn journals as ‘Read and Publish’ (open access sponsor ) member to make all articles from your University Institute freely available for everyone (authors from your Institute do not have to pay any fees then for publishing their articles) and support our effort towards making the contents free for all.

Authors: The publishing authors may check the status of ‘Read and Publish’ membership in their institute library and inform the editorial office for making the published article with free open access. The authors are advised to recommend the journals for ‘Read and Publish’ subscription in their institute library in advance to avail this opportunity.

Read and Publish subscription for library: contact at subs @ thesciencein (dot) org for current subscription price and available discount (country specific).

Funding Agency supported

The ScienceIn supports the requirements of all and different funding agencies throughout world (like NIH and others) towards publishing the contents with open access and also depositing the contents in respective repositories. The authors having the grants from funding agencies can publish their article with open access by paying the requisite open access fees.

Open Access Fees: USD 2200 /- , to be paid via Paypal at the time of publishing (contact editorial office for payment details).

Authors supported

The ScienceIn makes sure the economics/finances should not come as a restriction in the way of publishing of ‘good research’ and also assures authors that it stands with them for greater cause of community. The ScienceIn journals publish research with subscription (authors do not pay any processing fees etc.). Still Authors willing to publish their article with open access and having NO grant/funding source may do that either by recommending the journal for subscription in their institute library (see above) or by paying the highly discounted fees (contact editorial office for discount or waiver of fees).

HINARI (WHO) free access

The ScienceIn provide its journal contents for free to all low economy countries via HINARI ( a WHO initiative ) as a social responsibility for demographic availability and development of research. Readers may check the HINARI for access and eligibility of their country for availability of contents.