Dietary Polyphenolics: Mechanistic role in control management of Diabetes and Metabolic Syndrome

diet polyphenolic compounds in diabetes


  • Kunika Saini University of Delhi
  • Smriti Sharma University of Delhi
  • Vinayak Bhatia ICARE Eye Hospital and Postgraduate Institute
  • Yousuf Khan University of Delhi


The search for an antidiabetic drug is going on three fronts: technological (for instance, development of an artificial pancreas), biological (such as pancreas and islet cell transplants), and pharmacological. Our review focusses on the role of polyphenolics in pharmacological research for T2DM. Being the most abundant antioxidants in human diets, dietary polyphenols have proven efficacy against a variety of diseases in both animal and human trials. Here, the authors present a review of advances in using polyphenols obtained from diet against diabetes and metabolic syndrome. Authors have discussed the role of polyphenols in disease management, and their sources. In addition to that, current knowledge of prevalent pathways of their action in cases of diabetes and metabolic syndrome have been discussed. The future directions and perspectives about diet polyphenols as a good alternative to first-line drug interventions have been included.


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  • Smriti Sharma, University of Delhi

    Department of Chemistry,
    Miranda House






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Saini, K.; Sharma, S.; Bhatia, V.; Khan, Y. Dietary Polyphenolics: Mechanistic Role in Control Management of Diabetes and Metabolic Syndrome. Chem Biol Lett 2023, 10 (3), 541.