A comprehensive review on therapeutic properties of Mustard Oil and Olive Oil

mustard oil medicinal applications


  • Tarisha Gupta Indian Institute of Technology Gandhinagar
  • Ratandeep University of Delhi
  • Pooja University of Delhi
  • Laishram Saya University of Delhi


Fat, Lipid, Fatty Acid, Saponification Value, Anti-microbial, Anti-cancer, Drug Delivery, Anti-oxidant


Plants and their extracts have been extensively studied for their efficacy in therapeutic applications. Their Essential Oils (EOs) are responsible for the majority of biological properties such as anticancer, antibacterial and antimicrobial, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and cardio-protective. The utilization of natural compounds is gaining a lot of attention these days. These oils act as natural alternatives to the modern medical system to cure the illness that occurs in the biological system. This review provides an overview of the impact of the two most important plant-based oils: Mustard oil and Olive oil, the role of their components in different biological activities leading to their therapeutic applications. Their intake provides health benefits by controlling the symptoms of the diseases that involve cancer, bacterial infections, inflammation, cardiovascular, and some other common diseases. Most of the results come from in vitro and in vivo studies. However, their use in clinical studies is very little known.

Author Biography

Pooja, University of Delhi

Department of Chemistry
Sri Venkateswara College




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Gupta, T., Ratandeep, Pooja, & Saya, L. (2021). A comprehensive review on therapeutic properties of Mustard Oil and Olive Oil. Chemical Biology Letters, 9(1), 309. Retrieved from https://pubs.thesciencein.org/journal/index.php/cbl/article/view/309



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