Energy Materials – Special issue on New Research Advances in Energy Materials – Functional, Nano and Green Materials

A special issue covering the recent advances in field of Energy – Renewable and Non-renewable energy resources advances including development of smart and functional materials for development of new energy resources as well as advancement of existing energy resources

Energy is the utmost resource of essential need in development of human beings and science. Research in New energy materials defines the materials of future. Different Functional materials, nanomaterials and green materials are the leading arena in development of new energy resources. This special is envisaged to compile the research advances and knowledge for development of energy resources.


The special issue solicit the articles from all fields of energy research, few subfield to mention include:

Solar Energy Materials
Perovskite Solar Cells
Battery  and  Energy storage materials
Bio Materials
Green Energy sources developments (Biofuels – Biodiesel, BioCNG, Bioethanol)
Chemistry of Energy materials
Fuel Cells All advances in Energy materials development
Photovoltaic nanomaterials
Perovskite cells, Nanophotonics, Nanosolar cells, New nanomaterials for solar energy harvesting,
Nanothermal energy systems,
Nanosystems for harvesting mechanical and other forms of energy
Nanogenerator, higher efficiency nanomaterials for existing energy systems (production, transportation and storage),
Nanostorage systems for energy – Nanobattery (design and development)
Carbon Nano & material development for Energy resources
New Chips development for Energy management
Nanomaterials for Energy
Environmental issues concerned with energy systems
MEMS, Semiconductor design for energy systems
Carbon nanomaterials based energy generation and storage systems
new nanoenergy nanomaterials properties evaluation and all other research advances related to Energy


Dr. B.S. Chhikara
University of Delhi,
Delhi, India.

Manuscript Submission

Authors need to submit their manuscript in the Energy materials section of the journal. The manuscript should be formatted as per journal format provided in author guidelines section.

Article types: Research Article, Review Article, Short Communications, Experts Opinion article (contact editors before submission of Experts opinions articles).

The dates

Last date: The submissions are open now, author can submit their manuscript now, the last date for submissions to be considered in this issue is October 31.

Participating Journal

Journal of Materials NanoScience

Sustainable Chemistry for Health and Environment

A special issue on Sustainable Chemistry covering the medicinal chemistry, green synthesis, biomass derived chemicals, biopolymer for health, nanotechnology, chemical sensors, photochemical reactions, green fuels, natural products, environmental chemistry and allied chemical sciences advances towards sustainable future.

The Department of Chemistry, Deshabndhu College, University of Delhi, India, in association with Augusta University, USA; Indian Society of Chemists & Biologists (ISCB) and the Indian Association of Solid-State Chemists and Allied Scientists (ISCAS) is organising a three-day  International Conference on “Integrative Chemical Science for Health and Environment” on 6-8 October 2023. The conference aims to promote scientific network, research and collaboration among experts from all over the world as well as industry personnel to showcase their products. This event enables the environmentalist, health experts, academicians, researchers, and students to present latest developments, trends, and solutions for addressing the issues of good health and a clean environment.

Rising greenhouse gas emissions, as well as an increased carbon footprint as a result of human-caused activities including land usage, deforestation, biomass burning, and agricultural operations, are creating catastrophic climate change. For decades, chemists and biochemists have worked together to address the critical issue of global warming. To reduce the use of fossil fuels and improve air and land pollution, researchers must develop new alternative chemist technologies that are cost-effective, safe, cleaner, and replenishable, such as renewable energy sources, biofuels, and functionally modified chemicals/nanomaterials. Nanotechnology is one of the most promising technologies for fostering sustainable development by addressing issues such as human health, water treatment, climate change, soil remediation, and environmental problems.

This issue will cover recent trends in chemical science and nanobiotechnology that aid in the diagnosis of infectious diseases through the use of new drugs and delivery vehicles, high-resolution biosensors/nanodevices for rapid diagnosis, and artificial intelligence to treat people living in rural areas who are infected with viral diseases such as COVID-19.  This issue will also take a close look at recent technological developments that solve various challenges connected to the isolation and characterization of natural products to be used as drug leads for tackling important topics such as antibiotic resistance. 

Themes of special issue
  • Recent advances in medicinal chemistry
  • Green synthesis for health and environment
  • Biomass-derived chemicals for pharmaceuticals
  • Functional modification of bio-polymers for health and environment
  • Nanotechnology for drug delivery and for health care monitoring
  • Nanomaterials as chemical sensors for a safer environment
  • Electrochemical water treatment and resource recovery
  • Photochemical processes for health and environment
  • Biomaterials for environmental remediation
  • Sustainable Chemistry
  • Green alternative to fossil fuels
  • Functional molecules/nanomaterials for catalysis
  • Natural product synthesis

Guest Editors

Dr Pratibha Kumari
Associate Professor
Department of Chemistry
Deshbandhu College
University of Delhi, India

Dr Rohit Kholiya
Assistant Professor
Department of Chemistry
Deshbandhu College
University of Delhi, India

Dr Vineeta Kashyap
 Assistant Professor
 Department of Biochemistry
 Deshbandhu College
 University of Delhi, India

Date Schedule

Article Submission: 20-Feb-2024

Issue Completion: 30-April-2024


Authors need to submit their articles to guest editors/conference secretariat for preliminary evaluation and peer -reviewing. Final accepted article will have to be submitted on (the recommended) respective journal site).

Participating Journals

Chemical Biology Letters

Journal of Molecular Chemistry

Journal of Materials NanoScience

Applied NanoMedicine