Bioorthogonal chemistry in the reproductive medicine

Bioorthogonal chemistry in the reproductive medicine

The expanding field of bioorthogonal chemistry has demonstrated significant potential in advancing reproductive medicine. This comprehensive review elucidates the multifaceted applications of bioorthogonal chemistry across various aspects of reproductive medicine, including gamete biology, energetics and metabolic regulations of gametes, targeted drug delivery, detection and therapeutic of endometriosis and polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), developments of diagnostic tools and new management approaches to reproductive cancers. In gamete biology, bioorthogonal reactions enable the precise manipulation and tracking of biomolecules within gametes, thus facilitating a deeper understanding of gamete development, maturation, and interaction. Bioorthogonal chemistry also plays an indispensable role in deciphering the intricate energetics and metabolic regulations governing gamete function and competence, consequently fostering the development of novel therapeutic interventions. Targeted drug delivery, utilizing bioorthogonal click chemistry, can improve the specificity and efficacy of pharmacological treatments in reproductive disorders, such as endometriosis and PCOS. In the realm of reproductive diagnostics, bioorthogonal chemistry engenders innovative tools for sensitive and noninvasive detection of reproductive anomalies. Finally, the integration of bioorthogonal strategies in studying reproductive cancers can uncover new molecular targets for therapeutics, leading to more effective treatment modalities. Collectively, this review highlights the paramount importance of bioorthogonal chemistry in revolutionizing reproductive medicine and fostering breakthroughs in the comprehension and management of reproductive health.


Bioorthogonal chemistry in the reproductive medicine –

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