Implications of advance biomaterials in development of new contraceptive devices

Contraceptives are playing an integral role in maintaining human reproductive and sexual health in present society. Currently available contraceptives are based on the ease of applying, comfort during use, and activity period. The materials used in the development of contraceptives can be a determining factor towards the desired features for possible adoption. Here, in this review, we have discussed the important and futuristic contraceptives in terms of biomaterials used in the production and techniques which can be used as inspiration for better contraceptives in the future. Especially, this review discusses long-acting reversible hormonal contraceptives, Intrauterine Devices (IUDs), oral pills, vaginal rings, and patches along with the comparison of these with several polymer-composite-based implants for contraception. The overall analysis indicated possible development of better contraception devices in near future, particularly with further improvements in biomaterials that are used for the production of advanced multipurpose polymer-composite-based contraceptive implants.

Journal: Journal of Materials NanoScience

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Author: ScienceIn

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