Acetamiprid exposure causes molecular and structural changes in the liver and kidney tissues of rats

toxicity of Acetamiprid




Acetamiprid, Apoptosis, Toxicity, Histopathology, Oxidative stress


Pesticides are among the most widely used synthetic chemicals worldwide to protect crops, but they pose several environmental and health issues. The present study evaluates toxic effects of acetamiprid (ACMP) in rat liver and kidney tissues. Rats were exposed to ACMP (21.7 mg/kg b.wt; 1/10th LD50) for 21 days. Oxidative stress generation, apoptotic progression, and structural changes were evaluated via biochemical assays, semi-quantitative PCR, western blotting, and histopathology. ACMP exposure significantly decreased body weight and altered relative organ weight in hepato-renal tissues. Significant oxidative stress was evident by increased oxidative injuries to lipids and proteins and alterations of endogenous anti-oxidative enzymes. The administration of ACMP upregulated mRNA expression of Bax and caspase-3, while downregulated the mRNA expression of Bcl-2 and released cytochrome c into the cytosol of the liver and kidney tissues. Likewise, exposure to ACMP caused severe degenerative changes in the histo-architecture of hepato-renal tissues. The results of the present study confirmed the toxicity of ACMP in rats’ liver and kidney tissues and emphasized the need for strict regulation and more mechanistic understanding to delineate the toxicity of ACMP in mammals.


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Author Biographies

  • Annu Phogat, Maharshi Dayanand University, Rohtak, Haryana, India

    Department of Zoology

  • Dr. Jagjeet Singh, Maharshi Dayanand University

    Department of Zoology

  • Reena Sheoran, Maharshi Dayanand University

    Department of Zoology

  • Arun Hasanpuri, Maharshi Dayanand University

    Department of Zoology

  • Prof. Vinay Malik, Maharshi Dayanand University

    Department of Zoology








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Phogat, A.; Singh, J.; Sheoran, R.; Hasanpuri, A.; Malik, V. Acetamiprid Exposure Causes Molecular and Structural Changes in the Liver and Kidney Tissues of Rats. Chem Biol Lett 2024, 11 (3), 671.

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