Synthesis of coumarin based triazolyl thiazolidinones and their apoptotic inducer activity against caspase-3

Coumarin anticancer molecules


  • Pooja FNU University of Delhi
  • Rishi Pal Singh University of Delhi
  • Brajendra Kumar Singh University of Delhi
  • Poonam Mothsra University of Delhi
  • Poonam FNU University of Delhi
  • Vithika Aggarwal University of Delhi
  • Pragya Sharma University of Delhi
  • Abhishek Pandey University of Delhi
  • Prashant Kumar SRM University
  • Sumit Kumar University of Delhi
  • Atul FNU University of Delhi
  • Sonu Kumar University of Delhi
  • Nimisha Sinha University of Delhi
  • Yogesh Kumar University of Delhi


Coumarin, triazoles and thiazolidinones are one of the most preferred and high valued scaffolds frequently used in medicinal chemistry. The synthesis of newly designed coumarin based triazolyl-thiazolidinones was performed and new compounds were obtained in good yields. The listed compounds were evaluated for their apoptotic activity and determined the minimal inhibitory concentrations for each of the compound on SCC-4 cells using MTT viability test. Furthermore, apoptotic inducer activity was assayed by detecting the expression of caspase-3, a key apoptotic enzyme.


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FNU, P.; Singh, R. P.; Singh, B. K.; Mothsra, P.; FNU, P.; Aggarwal, V.; Sharma, P.; Pandey, A.; Kumar, P.; Kumar, S.; FNU, A.; Kumar, S.; Sinha, N.; Kumar, Y. Synthesis of Coumarin Based Triazolyl Thiazolidinones and Their Apoptotic Inducer Activity Against Caspase-3. Chem Biol Lett 2019, 6 (2), 31-38.

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