Synthetic polymer nano-film coating efficacy evaluation in prevention of chemicals induced corrosion of monuments

monument corrosion inhibition


  • Himani Chauhan University of Delhi
  • Chandana Mukherjee University of Delhi
  • Manisha Singla University of Delhi
  • Dorothy Sachdeva University of Delhi
  • Priyanda Giri University of Delhi
  • Shilpy Lamba University of Delhi


Nanofilm, Polymer, Corrosion, Material protection, Chemistry of materials


One of the most notable adverse effects of acidifying air quality is damage to materials exposed to the atmosphere. Systematic fields and laboratory experiments have been done to understand the mechanisms underlying the impacts of pollutants on the measurement of damage and estimate the cost of damage. In this study, authors have synthesized nano polymer film, which is transparent, resistant to acids and flexible. The as-synthesized nano polymer film was characterized using UV-Visible Spectroscopy, FTIR Spectroscopy and Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM). Coating of the nano polymer film was done onto various monuments stone samples and studied their corrosion in the presence of acids.



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Author Biographies

  • Himani Chauhan, University of Delhi

    Department of Chemistry, Gargi College

  • Chandana Mukherjee, University of Delhi

    Department of Chemistry, Gargi College

  • Manisha Singla, University of Delhi

    Department of Chemistry, Gargi College

  • Dorothy Sachdeva, University of Delhi

    Gargi College

  • Priyanda Giri, University of Delhi

    Gargi College

  • Shilpy Lamba, University of Delhi

    Gargi College






Nanochemistry & Materials Chemistry


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Chauhan, H.; Mukherjee, C.; Singla, M.; Sachdeva, D.; Giri, P.; Lamba, S. Synthetic Polymer Nano-Film Coating Efficacy Evaluation in Prevention of Chemicals Induced Corrosion of Monuments. J Mater NanoSci 2023, 10 (1), 602.

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