Design, synthesis and molecular docking studies of new Quinoxaline-linked-1,2,4-triazole-Sulfonamide hybrids as Anti-proliferative agents

Quinoxaline derivatives


  • Malla Reddy Nallapu Satavahana University
  • Rajender Vadluri Chaitanya (Deemed to be University)
  • Jeyanthi Arasan Satavahana University


Quinoxaline, Sulfonamide, anti-cancer drugs, Anti-proliferative, Tyrosine kinase, EGFR inhibitory activity


A new series of quinoxaline linked 1,2,4-triazole sulfonamide  derivatives were designed and efficiently synthesized. All compounds were characterized by their IR, 1HNMR, 13CNMR, and Mass spectral data, and elemental analysis. The final compounds (5a-m) were screened for in vitro anti-proliferative activity against cancer cell lines HeLa (lung), A549 (carcinoma), MCF-7 (breast) and HCT116 (colon).The  results revealed that the compounds 5k, 5l and 5d have shown promising activity as compared to etoposide. Predominantly, the compound 5k displayed greater activity on HeLa, A549, MCF-7and HCT116 with IC50 values of 1.97±0.09, 1.84±0.07, 3.10±0.04and 4.10±0.07 than the standard drug etoposide. Moreover, molecular docking studies of 5k, 5l and 5d on EGFR receptor suggested that the most potent compound 5k strongly binds to protein EGFR (pdbid: 4HJO). Furthermore, the compounds 5k and 5l displayed promising inhibitory activity over tyrosine kinase EGFR when compared with the standard erlotinib.


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Author Biography

  • Jeyanthi Arasan, Satavahana University

    Department of Chemistry






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Nallapu, M. R.; Vadluri, R.; Arasan, J. Design, Synthesis and Molecular Docking Studies of New Quinoxaline-Linked-1,2,4-Triazole-Sulfonamide Hybrids As Anti-Proliferative Agents. Chem Biol Lett 2022, 9 (4), 396.

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